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McMaster PhD candidate returns to Uganda to participate in water research project
In May 2012, the Philomathia Foundation announced a donation of $1M toward establishing the Philomathia Foundation Water Project at McMaster University.  This project will enhance the existing education and research in water issues at McMaster with its collaboration with the United Nations University’s Water Without Borders project. Recently, Joseph Bahemuka, a Social Work PhD candidate at McMaster and Ugandan native, joined nine other students from various disciplines on a trip to study the impact of limited access to clean water in his home country. Supervised by McMaster Social Work professor Susan Watt, the group will also meet with government officials and representatives from the World Health Organization.

“I feel this is a great opportunity because I now have the practical and theoretical background to help,” says Bahemuka. “This has been one of the most important experiences in my life.”

For more information, please read: http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/phd-candidate-returns-to-uganda-to-study-water-issues/