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Philomathia Foundation signs funding agreement with University of Cambridge

In May 2013, the Philomathia Foundation entered into an agreement with the University of Cambridge’s School of the Humanities and Social Sciences to establish the new Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme. Through a donation of more than one million pounds, the Foundation will help Cambridge sponsor five post-doctoral research associates for a period of three years each; create the Philomathia Forum, which will comprise a series of workshops, seminars and conferences promoting and discussing the work of the research associates; and support research on human values, intergenerational justice, and other public policy and social science topics across all of its colleges.

Building off of the Foundation’s previous relationship with Cambridge at Trinity Hall, the Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme will help the the university further develop its social science research agenda to facilitate policy-related social science research that engages directly with public policy.