University of Cambridge

To complement its scientific research programs at UC Berkeley, the Philomathia Foundation sought a partner to assist with the humanities side of its mandate: the promotion of human values in education and research. The Foundation chose the University of Cambridge as this partner in 2007, providing a generous financial gift to establish the Philomathia Fellows Program at Trinity Hall. This funding helped the college recruit a pair of outstanding young professors: Dr. Isabelle McNeill, Philomathia Fellow in French; and Dr. Alistair Fraser, Philomathia Fellow in African Politics. Also supported through this funding was the creation of a post-doctoral research associate position to study inheritance, families and the market in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain; and various forums and symposia on topics such as human values and intergenerational justice.

In May 2013, the Philomathia Foundation expanded its involvement with the University of Cambridge to include the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the direction of the head of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme was designed to develop research of direct relevance to public policy in the areas of human values and distributive justice. The program supports the work of faculties and research associates across all of it colleges.