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University of Cambridge

To complement its scientific research programs at UC Berkeley, the Philomathia Foundation sought a partner to assist with the humanities side of its mandate: the promotion of human values in education and research. The Foundation chose the University of Cambridge as this partner in 2007, providing a generous financial gift to establish the Philomathia Fellows Program at Trinity Hall. This funding helped the college recruit a pair of outstanding young professors: Dr. Isabelle McNeill, Philomathia Fellow in French; and Dr. Alistair Fraser, Philomathia Fellow in African Politics. Also supported through this funding was the creation of a post-doctoral research associate position to study inheritance, families and the market in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain; and various forums and symposia on topics such as human values and intergenerational justice.

In May 2013, the Philomathia Foundation expanded its involvement with the University of Cambridge to include the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the direction of the head of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme was designed to develop research of direct relevance to public policy in the areas of human values and distributive justice. The program supports the work of faculties and research associates across all of it colleges.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme – Phase I (2013)

In partnership with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme at Cambridge University, the Philomathia Foundation provided support for research projects and postdoctoral research associates focused on Human Values, Distributive Justice, and the investigation of deep social issues facing humanity today. Phase I led to a number of important advances, including the launch of both the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and the Center for the Study of Ethics, Human Economy and Social Change

Director: Professor Martin Daunton

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme – Phase II (2018)

Public engagement is at heart of the second phase of the Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme, launched to further pioneer work in Public Policy, Global Cultures and Diversities, Material Culture, Health, Medicine and Society, Digital Society, and Big Data. The ambitious programme uses quantitative methods and large datasets to examine how choices are impacted by different prescriptive assumptions about human values.

Director: Professor Tim Harper

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Trinity Hall College, Cambridge

Philomathia provides on-going funding for two teaching fellowships:

Dr. Isabelle MacNeil

Philomathia Fellow and College Associate Professor in French; Director of Studies in MML; Tutor; Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of French.

Applying theories of memory and the relation of film/moving image media to cultural memory, and the impact of new media on film theory and practice, Dr. MacNeil’s most recent research is on travel and displacement in recent French and Francophone films.

Dr. Adam Branch

Philomathia Fellow in African Politics; Professor of International Politics

Dr. Branch is currently focusing on international law in Africa, and research related to natural resource extraction, large infrastructure development, and militarization.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Philomathia Africa Programme

Donations from the Philomathia Foundation enabled the establishment of The Philomathia Africa Programme within the department of Politics and International Studies. Directed by Dr. Adam Branch, the programme is committed to innovative research and educational collaboration with African universities, scholars, and students. The Philomathia Africa Programme’s research is focused on African Justice and Transformation, and exploring topics of contemporary importance, including; higher education, environmental violence, forced migration, and transitional justice.

A generous grant from the Isaac Newton Trust has enabled the establishment of a three-year postdoc position, and a series of visiting Fellowships connected with the programme.

Director: Dr. Adam Branch

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