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Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong

As most of the Chung brothers were born and educated in Hong Kong, CUHK’s vice chancellor asked the Philomathia Foundation to assist with the establishment of the university’s Research Centre for Human Values. The result was the creation of a Post-Doctoral Research Associate position to study inheritance, families and the market in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain; and various forums and symposia on topics such as human values and intergenerational justice.

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Research Center for Human Values (RCHV)

Set in motion in 2009 with a generous donation from the Philomathia Foundation, the Research Center for Human Values (RCHV) promotes discussion and research concerning questions involving human values as they present themselves in contemporary life, across academic disciplines, and throughout the world. Modern life continues to pose a multitude of new ethical questions, dilemmas and uncertainties. The mission of the RCHV is to promote reflectiveness about human values through research, public discussion, and teaching focused on values and value-conflicts.

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