C. Michael McGuirk

2016-2017 Philomathia Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Northwestern University under the supervision of Prof. Chad Mirkin, where he focused on the development of bio-inspired strategies for the reversible regulation of function in stimuli-responsive supramolecular coordination constructs. Michael currently works for Prof. Jeff Long in the Department of Chemistry, focusing on the selective sequestration of carbon dioxide from exhaust waste streams and the realization of chemical approaches to transforming the sequestered gas into reusable hydrocarbon-based fuels. Although long-term approaches to curbing climate change broadly focus on renewable energy sources, until their full implementation there exists a great impetus to minimize the deleterious effects of burning fossil fuels, namely the production of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Therefore, using a family of strategically designed highly porous metal−organic linker-based frameworks, Michael aims to develop energy-efficient strategies for the selective removal of carbon dioxide from large-scale point sources, such as coal-burning plants. Additionally, he aims to realize direct strategies to convert this captured waste into energy-rich fuels, such as methane and ethanol.

  • UC Berkeley