trevor yeats

Dr. Trevor Yeats

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Trevor is a Philomathia Postdoctoral Fellow at the Energy Biosciences Institute. He obtained his doctorate in Plant Biology at Cornell, where he focused on the biosynthesis of cutin, the major biopolymer constituent of the plant cuticle. Trevor currently works with Professor Chris Somerville on the molecular machinery of cellulose biosynthesis. The controlled deposition and rearrangement of cellulose microfibrils defines the extent and direction of cell expansion and thus plant form from the cellular to organismal level. As the most abundant component of terrestrial biomass, cellulose is the most widely used renewable biomaterial, and is the main component of animal forage. The major industrial uses are paper, textiles (eg., cotton), and lumber. Cellulose is also envisioned as a renewable feedstock for liquid biofuels. Ultimately, a deeper understanding of cellulose synthesis and biomass structure will be essential in optimizing our utilization of these resources.

  • UC Berkeley