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The University of Cambridge and the Philomathia Foundation launch second phase of innovative Social Sciences Research Programme

The University of Cambridge and the Philomathia Foundation launch second phase of innovative Social Sciences Research Programme

The second phase of the interdisciplinary Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme, a collaboration between the Philomathia Foundation and the University, has been launched to enable  further pioneering work in addressing  some of the major issues facing humanity today.

Phase I of the research initiative has led to a number of important advances, including the launch of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and a new Centre for the Study of Ethics, Human Economy and Social Change.

Phase II will see investment in a further series of research projects, each with a Philomathia Fellow at its centre, focusing  on areas including Public Policy, Global Cultures and Diversities, Material Culture, Health, Medicine and Society, Digital Society, and Big Data.  Projects, which are competitively selected, are proposed by researchers in humanities and social sciences.

The Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme is structured to ensure sustainability and the broadest possible long-term impact.  Philomathia awards will be used as partial investment, with a view to securing match-funding, doubling the effect of the Philomathia Foundation’s investment.

Public engagement has been built into the heart of Phase II. The Philomathia Forum will be developed as a locus of interdisciplinary enquiry and an annual Symposium will develop and influence policy.  New lines of communication will be developed, including publications and online debate.

Professor Phil Allmendinger, Head of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, said: “One of the key factors of success in this excellent Programme is the way Philomathia Fellows are matched with highly engaged and well established researchers who are able to provide guidance and mentoring throughout the project.  We are grateful to the Philomathia Foundation for their vision and their continued support.”

Dr Wilfred Chung, speaking on behalf of the Philomathia Foundation, said: “The University of Cambridge’s social sciences researchers have shown that a Philomathia Fellowship and funding can help them build broader networks for their empirical work and to secure additional funding – all leading to greater impact.  We are looking forward with excitement to seeing what projects researchers will propose in Phase II.”

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About the Philomathia Foundation

The Philomathia Foundation was established in 2004 by the Chung brothers, and is a private charitable organisation that is registered in both Canada and Hong Kong. The Foundation’s mission is to promote human values and science through education and research. It has previously partnered with the University of Cambridge to establish the Philomathia Social Sciences Research Programme.

Further information:  Philomathia Programme Coordinator, philomathia@admin.cam.ac.uk