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Philomathia Donates $1M to McMaster University to Fund Water Research May 17, 2012

Shortages of clean water are becoming endemic and are a major cause of poor global health. A complex issue such as this, warrants an approach from multiple avenues, integrating knowledge from both engineering and the social sciences. In response to the global water crisis, The Philomathia Foundation announces a donation of $1M to establish the Philomathia Foundation Water Project at McMaster University. The donation will be used to create a research chair position for a professor with a duel expertise in engineering and global policy development. The foundation will also support several fellowships and travel scholarships for students studying water-related issues.Images of the Announcement Event can be found at the McMaster Flickr Account and in the Photo Book of the event produced by McMaster University.

Media Coverage:

The Hamilton Spectator: http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/726790–mcmaster-gets-1-million-for-water-research
CBC Hamilton: http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2012/05/17/hamilton-mcmaster-one-million-grant.html