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The Fourth Annual Philomathia Forum Unlocking the Financing of Real Estate Energy Efficiency (Oct 5 2012 at San Francisco)

It is with great enthusiasm that the Philomathia foundation announces the fourth instalment in a series of successful lectures on Energy and the Environment. The 2012 Philomathia form titled Unlocking the Financing of Real Estate Energy Efficiency, will explore issues pertaining to the financing energy efficient retrofits. This synoposium will take place on October 5th […]

July 16, 2012 Foundation News no Comments
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Green Chemistry

The standard of living for a modern day society has been greatly enhanced by Chemistry and Material Science.  This has been achieved at the expense of exposing our environment to many unknown, and often toxic, chemicals.  Many will argue that this was necessary to improve our living condition and our scientific knowledge.  I do not […]

June 25, 2012 Research Articles no Comments
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The Philomathia Conference on Political Thought and the Environment, May 25th and 26th 2012

The complex interplay and relationship between the natural world and political thought was examined during this conference hosted at Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre at Cambridge University. This conference brought together experts on political theory, philosophers and economists with the goal of examining how environmental issues have influenced political thought in the past and how they […]

May 25, 2012 Foundation News no Comments
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Chinese Philosophy and the Development of Compassion, May 15-17, 2012

CHINESE PHILOSOPHY AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPASSION These upcoming lectures seek to explore the process of moral growth, and of compassion specifically, from the perspective of the ancient philosophical wisdom of Chinese civilization. Lecturer: Professor David Wong Professor Wong has the rare distinction of being a scholar of Confucian ethics who has formal and rigorous […]

March 1, 2012 Foundation News no Comments
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